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Birch Bay Public Market

Friday, May 10 through the end of summer, Cathy and I will be selling her hand-made soaps, lotions, and toiletries, along with my photography, note cards, calenders, books, etc.

Come see us!

Across the street from the C Shop

4825 Alderson Road, Birch Bay, Washington 98230


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Got Etsy?

Not related to writing, or to reading, or to publishing, or to anything else…

…just a shameless plug:

As some of you may know, my wife, Cathy, has been making hand-crafted soaps, lotions, and toiletries for some years now. She sells them during the summer at the Birch Bay Public Market (see the link in my left sidebar), and various of her family and friends *cough, cough – oh, nothing, just clearing my throat* have finally talked her into venturing forth into the great Etsy unknown.

These are high quality products, hand-crafted from the best ingredients in very small batches, and she sells them at low prices (better hurry, before I talk her into raising her prices!).

Her products include
  • bath soap
  • shaving soap
  • hand and body lotion
  • lotion bars
  • body spray
  • lip balm
  • and many others on an occasional or upcoming basis
These products have
  • NO parafins
  • NO parabens
  • NO petroleum products of any kind
  • NO lanolin
  • NO added glycerin*
  • and NO dyes, pigments, or colorings of any kind

*The soaps do contain some glycerin, because it is created within the soap during the saponification process, but the lotions have none at all.

New this year will be natural cleaning products, including
  • laundry soap
  • general-purpose spray cleaner
  • tub & tile cleaner
  • carpet deodorizer
  • and a sanitizing spray for your vegetables! (yep – I was surprised, too)
Please bear in mind  that this is a new Etsy shop.

There are a lot of things available that may or may not be listed at any time in the next (hopefully short) while, as she gets more things entered and gets more comfortable overall with this whole new world. (Don’t tell her I said that! Smile ) If you want to order anything I’ve listed here that isn’t listed there, or if you want to check on availability of something I might not have mentioned, or request a certain flavor or scent, or just to say “Hi, Cathy! Good job! Welcome to the 21st century!” please email her at cathy@handmadebycathy.com. She takes PayPal payment (wait for her to send an invoice), and can ship wherever in the known universe you happen to find yourself.

If you can’t get to the market this summer, please drop by Etsy.

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