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Birch Bay Public Market

Friday, May 10 through the end of summer, Cathy and I will be selling her hand-made soaps, lotions, and toiletries, along with my photography, note cards, calenders, books, etc.

Come see us!

Across the street from the C Shop

4825 Alderson Road, Birch Bay, Washington 98230


I had an automated blogroll here, powered by Google Reader, but Google, in its near-infinite lack of wisdom, killed Google Reader. Prior to this murder, all I had to do to put a blog on my blogroll (or to take it off) was to place it in a Reader folder called, appropriately enough, "blogroll" (or, of course, to remove it). I use The Old Reader now for following blogs, but it seems to have no way to something similar regarding the blogroll. If you know of a way to do this, please let me know.

Got Etsy?

Not related to writing, or to reading, or to publishing, or to anything else…

…just a shameless plug:

As some of you may know, my wife, Cathy, has been making hand-crafted soaps, lotions, and toiletries for some years now. She sells them during the summer at the Birch Bay Public Market (see the link in

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More Cover Options for the Starving Author

As Johnny Five never said: “Covers! Megabytes and megabytes of covers!”

I have recently been contacted by Jes Richardson, a photographer and cover designer. She does custom cover design, starting at a very affordable price point, and has recently added a new service, CoverBistro.com, where you can

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First, they announced plans to kill off Google Reader, which is a several-times-a-day part of my life.
Now, they’ve decided to make composing a new message in Gmail cooler and more streamlined and a whole bunch of other fancy words that mean nothing, by making you do it in tiny box in the lower right corner


Forbidden Tools

I just saw yet another of those “avoid these words and phrases” lists.

It all starts out innocently enough – someone thinks that a word is overused, so they decide to use it less. Fine. But the next thing you know, they’re telling everyone around them that they shouldn’t use it either, and then

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Sneaks in, looks around, tiptoes down the hall…

Been a while since I did any blogging.

Not sure if anyone noticed that, or if anyone is still watching to see if I come back. No excuses, just got caught up in that weird “real life” thingy, and don’t, in fact, have much to say even now.

A (huge) part of the problem is that I

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Schedule update.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am cancelling all travel plans for the rest of the year.

I will not be attending the 2012 Northwest Author Fair at Bob’s Beach Books in Lincoln City, OR, next Saturday as I had planned, and I will not be attending the second annual Florence

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Holding her close in that sweet perfection

I just got an interesting email from a concerned reader. In my novella, The Back Porch, I use the phrase “holding her close.” My reader asks:

“Shouldn’t this be ‘holding her closely’? Since ‘close’ modifies ‘holding,’ and since ‘holding’ is a verb, shouldn’t it be ‘closely,’ the adverb form?”

Actually, I have to give this reader

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The Cabinetmaker, the Photographer, the Sculptor, and the Editor

The Cabinetmaker

John Doe, a cabinetmaker, was wandering through the stacks in the farthest, darkest corner of his local hardwood dealer’s lot one fine spring day, when he came upon a very old piece of old-growth cherry wood that had been lying there air-drying in that very yard for thirty years. It was four inches thick,

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Come see me at the 4th Annual NW Book Festival!

Come see me at the

A Family Event – Free Admission

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

From 11am – 5pm

Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland


Not plagiarizing – just pointing…

…to this article by Ursula K. Le Guin at Book View Café:

I have a high opinion of story. I see it as the essential trajectory of narrative: a coherent, onward movement, taking the reader from Here to There. Plot, to me, is variation or complication of the movement of story.

Story goes. Plot elaborates the

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