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Birch Bay Public Market

Friday, May 10 through the end of summer, Cathy and I will be selling her hand-made soaps, lotions, and toiletries, along with my photography, note cards, calenders, books, etc.

Come see us!

Across the street from the C Shop

4825 Alderson Road, Birch Bay, Washington 98230


I had an automated blogroll here, powered by Google Reader, but Google, in its near-infinite lack of wisdom, killed Google Reader. Prior to this murder, all I had to do to put a blog on my blogroll (or to take it off) was to place it in a Reader folder called, appropriately enough, "blogroll" (or, of course, to remove it). I use The Old Reader now for following blogs, but it seems to have no way to something similar regarding the blogroll. If you know of a way to do this, please let me know.

The Perfect Online Writers’ Community

Still looking…

I just went to yet another online community (no, I won’t name it here, because there’s no point) (but here’s a hint – Michael Marcus mentioned it recently). I admit, I went to this particular one because someone pointed out an amusing discussion Writer X and Writer Y were having re the mistakes made

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Teen Writers Club

I moderated a meeting of the local Teen Authors Club at the Blaine Public Library yesterday. The turnout wasn’t huge, but all of them were bright kids and good writers, and more to the point, all of them were writers. Meaning, they were all people who actually write. All of them had written something within

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